Developing a Kinect-enabled Rail Shooter Game

Thesis Abstract: To this day, there has been a significant lack of shooter games released for the Microsoft’s Kinect device since its launch. Furthermore, majority of these games do not provide the player with an actual aiming gesture input which should be ideally available in motion-controlled shooter games.

In this study, the researchers will create a Kinect-enabled rail shooter game whose aiming mechanism will be controlled via the player’s left/right arm segment (elbow to wrist). Firstly, it covers what constitutes an ideal design of an ergonomic-based interaction technique that will cause minimal fatigue over time. Secondly, the Kinect calibration framework for computing the position of the player’s input will be derived through bilinear interpolation. Finally, the researchers will integrate the game design principles covered into the game with the goal of imparting a meaningful gaming experience.

Stephanie Y. Go

Marlou Ramas

Daryl Saavedra

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