Designing an Alternate Reality Game Within the Ateneo Community as a Medium for Tangential Learning

Thesis Abstract: Alternate reality games are commonly used for promotional purposes despite having great potential for encouraging collaboration. Some educational alternate reality games have been created to take advantage of the pedagogical benefits that alternate reality games provide. The aim of this thesis is to design an alternate reality game for play within the Ateneo community and test its effectiveness within the said community. Another objective this thesis aims to accomplish is to determine the elements of an alternate reality game that would make it immersive and enjoyable for its players. A website will be created to serve as the entry point to the game, whose existence would be made known to some Atenean college students. This website will serve as one method of delivering the game’s puzzles, which require the players to provide passwords to progress with the game and obtain a new piece of the narrative. The answers to the game can be located at the Loyola Schools area and would require transliteration and decoding of writing systems such as Morse code and Braille.

Richmond Chiu

Wihl Micoh P. Lin

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