Thor Collin Andallaza Participates in the 2012 Pittsburgh Science of Learning Workshop and Summer School

August started with a deluge of new inputs and opportunities for Thor Collin “TC” Andallaza (CS2012, 1MSCS).   TC travelled to Pittsburgh to participate in two Pittsburgh Science of Learning (PSLC) events:  The workshop  entitled “Use of Technology Toward Enhancing Achievement and Equity in the 21st Century” held from August 4 to 5 and the2012 Summer School held from August 6 to 10. Both events were held at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA.


The workshop was a venue for young researchers and academics to present their current work on intelligent tutoring systems and educational data analysis. TC presented his work entitled “Development of an Affect-Sensitive Agent for Aplusix”.


The Summer School, on the other hand, was an intensive one-week course that taught participants how to build intelligent tutors, conduct in-vivo studies, and analyze educational data.  Among the lecturers were well-known researchers such as Dr. Ken Koedinger, Dr. Vincent Aleven, and Dr. Ryan Baker.  At the end of the week, TC presented his work during a poster session that marked the closing of the Summer School.


During the visit, TC was able to discuss his work with Dr. Ryan Baker. He was also able to consult with additional mentors such as Dr. Zachary Pardos of Worcester Polytechnic Institute and Dr. Geoff Gordon of Carnegie Mellon University.

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