EDM Workbench Used During the 2012 PSLC Summer School

The EDM Workbench found its first users during the 2012 Pittsburgh Science of Learning Summer School held in Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA from August 6 to 10. Kristen DiCerbro of Pearson Inc. and Dr. Khusro Kidwai of Pennsylvania State University used the EDM Workbench to analyze data from one of Pearson’s educational games, Poptropica.  They attempted to build a model of student seriousness.  In order to do so, they labeled 529 clips and then built a decision tree model using the labeled data.  They used the Workbench to support the clipping and labeling tasks. According to them, the Workbench was able to save them the time they would have spent either clipping the data manually or writing a utility program to do so.
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