Games and Intelligent Tutoring

An Intelligent Tutoring System for Japanese Languages Particles with User Assessment and Feedback
In recent years, an increasing number of Ateneo students are taking an interest in the Japanese language. For Ateneo students beginning their study of the language however, Japanese particles are difficult concepts because they cannot be translated to equivalent words in English. For a beginner learner, it is inevitable to view a second language with the lens of a first language as shown by the concept of transfer in second language acquisition.
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Developing An Informative Philippine Mythology RPG Using The Unity Game Engine
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Designing an Alternate Reality Game Within the Ateneo Community as a Medium for Tangential Learning
Alternate reality games are commonly used for promotional purposes despite having great potential for encouraging collaboration. Some educational alternate reality games have been created to take advantage of the pedagogical benefits that alternate reality games provide. The aim of this thesis is to design an alternate reality game for play within the Ateneo community and test its effectiveness within the said community.
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