Call for Interns for a Joint Project Between the Interactive Media Design Lab, Nara Institute of Science and Technology and the Ateneo Laboratory for the Learning Sciences, Ateneo de Manila University

The Interactive Media Design Lab of Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST) and the Ateneo Laboratory for the Learning Sciences are looking for two incoming or graduating CS seniors to take part in a potential BS or MS CS thesis on applications of augmented reality in education. Students may suggest the specifics of the project―the subject matter, the target audience, the mechanics of the interaction, etc. The details will be discussed and refined with Mr. Marc Santos, a PhD student at the IMD-NAIST and AR project lead, Dr. Kato, his adviser, and Dr. Rodrigo.

To help the two students develop their AR expertise, they will spend one month of summer, 2013 in the IMD. This counts as practicum for the incoming seniors. The IMD will provide airfare, lodging, and an allowance of 2000 yen per day. The remainder of the incoming seniors’ practicum will be carried out in ALLS. The students will continue the project over the rest of the senior or graduate year, coordinating frequently with Marc and/or me. Dr. Kato or one of his colleagues will also be visiting Ateneo to provide support and to check on the project.

If you would like to apply for the internship, please submit a letter of intent, your resume, and a 1-2 page, single spaced description of the educational application you would like to pursue make by email to by 18 February 2013, 5 pm. Your application will be evaluated based on your idea’s consistency with the theme of education, its relevant use of augmented reality, your ability to relate your idea with previous AR work, and your ability to deliver excellent work.

Important dates:

February 18, 5 pm: Applicants should submit their letters of intent, resumes, and idea papers to
February 25: Dr. Rodrigo and Mr. Santos will inform the applicants of the decision
February 26: Selected interns must commit to the internship in writing.
April 6: Interns depart Manila for Nara
May 8: Inters depart Nara for Manila

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