Call for Papers: CATS2013 CFP

This is the 4th International Workshop on Culturally-Aware Tutoring Systems (CATS2013), to be held in conjunction with The International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education (AIED2013) at Memphis, USA between July 9 and 13, 2013.

CATS2013 is a follow-up to the three previously successful CATS workshop editions organized in conjunction with ITS2008, AIED2009, and ITS2010. It similarly proposes to discuss the place of culture in the AIED research field. Considering culture in AIED research is important because culture is known to have a strong impact on many cognitive and affective processes including those related to learning. Furthermore, people with different cultural backgrounds develop alternative interpretations and strategies, and do not similarly appraise their environment, and this naturally reflects in their interactions with AIED systems.

Previous CATS workshop editions generated great discussions and eventually brought new players into this specific research trend. They were also an occasion for people from related research fields (e.g. autonomous agents, HCI) to share their culture-related work with the AIED community.

CATS2013 proposes to consider interconnections between culture and AIED from three different perspectives:

  • Designing AIED systems to teach cultural knowledge and intercultural skills;
  • Enculturating AIED systems (i.e. developing AIED mechanisms that incorporate cultural features);
  • Considering cultural biases in the AIED research production, and ways to deal with them.


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