ALLS Welcomed a Summer Intern from Philippine Science High School, Visayas

ALLS was pleased to host a summer intern from Philippine Science High School, Eastern Visayas: Mary Josephine Co, or Marjo for short. Marjo is an incoming high school senior. She stayed with ALLS from April to May, 2013.

During her internship, Marjo worked with the Q Sensor in surveying whether or not electrodermal activity and skin temperature could predict a students’ engagement or interest.

About her first days in the lab, Marjo said, “Most of the days, I was just in the lab, familiarizing with the Q Sensor, what it does, what it can be used for, etc.” Using the Q Sensor, she conducted a survey on 75 psychology students.

Marjo explains, “So the experiment went like this: there were 75 psychology students invited to participate. There were videos shown to them, scenes from different movies of different genres (action, horror, comedy, romance, cartoon, drama, sci-fi). After seeing each video, they were asked to rate the video based on their level of engagement or how interesting/exciting they found it. While watching the videos, they were wearing the Q Sensor to keep track of their EDA and temperature. What we were trying to find out is if their ratings corresponded with their recorded EDA and temperature.”

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