ALLS Augmented Reality Paper Accepted at PCSC 2014

An ALLS paper on Augmented Reality was accepted into the upcoming 14th Philippine Computing Science Congress.

The paper entitled “A Mobile Authoring Tool for Augmented Reality Content Generation Using Images as Annotations“ by Jayzon Ty, Marc Ericson Santos, and Ma. Mercedes T. Rodrigo was accepted for oral presentation at the University of Immaculate Conception, Davao City on March 6 to 8, 2014.

Abstract. Augmented Reality is a technology that allows the superimposition of virtual objects onto the real world. Various fields, such as education, medicine, and architecture, started adapting Augmented Reality technology in order to enhance the experience of the users of their systems. However, developing Augmented Reality application and its contents requires a specialized knowledge in computer programming, computer graphics, and software development, which results in only specific people being able to experience Augmented Reality. This paper describes a tool that allows users to produce content for Augmented Reality viewing without the need for specialized knowledge. Furthermore, the tool enables users to create and edit Augmented Reality content on the spot, without the need for a separate application in order to do so.


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