ALLS Launches Igpaw: Intramuros

Last July 30, 2015, ALLS had officially launched “Igpaw”, an augmented reality game highlighting Philippine History, on Google Play.

“Igpaw,” in Filipino, translates to “to jump over an obstacle.” Following that trail of thought, the game seeks to overcome the obstacle of learning motivation. As interactive and educational materials are not as prolific for Philippine History in comparison to math, science and language, the development of the game was meant to serve as an educational supplement within a novel platform.

The game allows the players to interact with an alternate reality while in Intramuros, physically interacting with the various sites. Players then use their phones or tablets to scan historical markers, which allows them to interact with the characters of the game through a “magic window.”

The game is intended for Filipino students as well as local and foreign tourists interested in Filipino history. Igpaw is intended to be a non-formal, non-traditional means of education, therefore, it was not meant to replace classroom instruction.

Igpaw: Instramuros is a serious game that uses an adventure game format to introduce players to historical figures, places, and events. The main goal of the game is to restore the fractured time stream of Intramuros, and aid with the return of the displaced historical and fictional characters.

This game was made possible through a grant from the Philippines Commission on Higher Education entitled “Design, Development and Deployment of An Augmented Reality Game for Philippine History.”

Producer and Project Lead: Ma. Mercedes T. Rodrigo (Department of Information Systems and Computer Science)
Programmers: Eric Vidal, Nicko Caluya, Jayzon Ty, Jonathan Casano (Department of Information Systems and Computer Science)
Game designers: David Diy, Marco de Santos, Icon Ortega (Department of Information Systems and Computer Science)
Technical consultants: Wilhansen Li (Department of Information Systems and Computer Science and By Implication), Philip Cheang (Fine Arts Program and By Implication)
Our artists: Carl Ferraren, Gretchen Alarkon (Ateneo de Naga), Patrick Molaer (Ateneo de Naga), Wina Occiano (Ateneo de Naga), Rabboni James Matubang. George Vincent Bien, Norman Aguilar, Mc Gerard Lituanas
Our animators: Melvin Luis Mendoza, Hannah Elyse Tee (both from the Department of Information Systems and Computer Science)
Our script writers: Edgar Samar, Christine Bellen (both from the Filipino Department)
Our editor: Joseph Salazar (Filipino Department)
Our historical consultants: Jose Ma. Edito Tirol, Brian Paul Giron (History Department)
Our videographers: Camille Marie Ruiz (Department of Information Systems and Computer Science and Philosophy Department), Ma. Alyyana Antiporda (John Gokongwei School of Management)
Our creative consultants: Rofel Brion (Interdisciplinary Studies), Jerry Respeto (Filipino Department)
Our research associate: Jessica Sugay (Department of Information Systems and Computer Science)
Our quality assurance engineers: Jenilyn Agapito (Department of Information Systems and Computer Science), Franz Angelo Apoyon, Nigel Diones, Iris Mae Escoto, Jon Tristan Jeruta, Karch Malaga, Paoline Teodosio (UP Visayas)

Download Igpaw from the Google Playstore here:
It is free of charge. The iOS version is coming soon.

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