ALLS Lecture Series, 21 November 2016

Please note that, because of a personal emergency, our speaker, Anto Umali, will not be able to join us on November 21. We will reschedule his talk for January 2017.

The ALLS Lecture Series Monday,
21 November 2016, 5:00 to 6:30,
Faura 228

We are pleased to hear from an ALLS and ProgVar alumnus, Anto Umali, who recently completed his MS in Computer Science in Worcester Polytechnic Insitute.

Motion Planning and its Applications
Antonio Rafael V . Umali

Motion planning is the field of study investigating the different methods of planning actions for an intelligent agent. Motion planning focuses on developing policies for agents operating in either continuous or discrete time. Both greatly involve the use of search algorithms, and while discrete search algorithms are well known, continuous search algorithms are less popular and more complicated but have just as many uses. This talk will delve into the basics of planning algorithms as well as the differences between continuous and discrete problems. Continuous-space search algorithms, such as Rapidly Exploring Random Trees (RRTs) will be discussed in more detail. Finally, this talk will delve into the different research opportunities in motion planning and problems which at first glance might not be solvable using planning.

Antonio Rafael V. Umali graduated from Ateneo De Manila University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and from Worcester Polytechnic Institute with a Master’s Degree in Computer Science. He has over 5 years work experience in fields of software engineering, game development, and artificial intelligence and robotics research from ByImplication, the Ateneo Laboratory for the Learning Sciences (ALLS), Skillshot Labs, and Autonomous Robotic Collaboration (ARC) Lab.

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