Private Penny: The Resistance Privacy Policy and End-User License Agreement


By downloading, installing, or using Private Penny: The Resistance (referred to herein as the “Game”), you, the end-user (referred to herein by the words “you”, “your”, “yours”, and their derivatives), agree to be bound by this End-User License Agreement. This EULA establishes a legal agreement between you and the creators of the Game— Raphael Angelo Reventar, Melvin Luis Mendoza, and Therese Beatriz Pedro (referred to herein as “Authors” or with words such as “we”, “us”, “our”, and their derivatives)— with regard to the use of the Game and its Content.

“Content” means the text, script, 2D assets, and other multimedia elements you can view or access through the use of the Game.

If you do not agree with the terms and conditions listed hereof, do not download the Game.

1. Description and Use of the Game

Private Penny: The Resistance is a 2D action mobile platformer about antibiotic misuse and resistance developed by the Authors, which you may download and use through a compatible electronic device, such as a smartphone or tablet (“Device”).

At our discretion and without providing you prior notice, we reserve the right to modify the Game, including but not limited to its design, functionalities, and overall Content. Moreover, provide you with updates, upgrades, and/or support for the progression of the Game and its Content.

Additionally, you understand and agree that Content available in the Game is provided to you as is and is intended for entertainment and game play. Hence, it is not guaranteed that they are accurate. You, as a concurring user, should exercise judgment in your use of the Game and its Content.

2. License Grant

You are granted a personal, non-commercial license to download, install, and use the Game and to access the Content within for your use.

3. Restrictions and Ownership

Using the Game does not grant you ownership of any intellectual property rights in the Content that you access. Any form of the utilization of Content from the Game is not permitted unless requisite consent is duly obtained from the Authors. These terms do not accord you the right to own or use any distinguishing branding, trademarks or logos used exclusively within and for the Game.

Unless awarded with a written authorization from the Authors, the provider of the Game’s Content, you shall not:

1. copy, translate, alter in any way, or create any derivative work of the Game, its Content, or any part thereof;

2. redistribute, publish, sell, or in any other way make the Game available to third parties;

3. use the Game and access its Content through any technology or technique other than those provided by default (such as but not limited to bots, automation software, GPS-mocking, or any form of hacks); or

4. use the product for any purpose, commercial or otherwise.

Any rights not purposely granted to you herein are herewith reserved by the Authors as the sole and exclusive owner of all rights and titles.


The nature of Private Penny: The Resistance does not require the developers to collect or share any personal information from the Game’s users. Personal information refers to any information referring to an identifiable or identified human person. No such information will thus be asked of the product’s users.


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