The ALLS@Mindanao symposium was hosted last October 28, 2017 at the Regis Hall Community Centre in Ateneo de Davao. The event featured presentations by Dr. Didith Rodrigo, as well as by the members of the lab based in different universities across Mindanao.

Some of the presentations are available below:

1. A Behind-the Scenes Look at Research@ALLS [PDF]

2. Intelligent Learning System for Automata (ILSA) and the Learners’ Achievement Goal Orientations, [PDF]

3. Exploratory Analysis of Discourses between Students Engaged in a Debugging Task, [PDF]

4. An Investigation of the Einstellung Effect among Student Computer Programmers [PDF]

5. Characterizing Collaboration Based onPrior Knowledge in a Pair Program Tracing an Debugging Eye-Tracking Experiment [PDF]

6. Modeling the Incubation Effect among Students playing an Educational Game for Physics [PDF]

7. The Effects of MetacognitiveScaffolding to various PriorKnowledge Learners in a Learning by Teaching Environment [PDF]

8. Detecting Student Carefulness in anEducational Game for Physics Using Semi-supervised Learning [PPTX]

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