The Ateneo Laboratory for the Learning Sciences (ALLS) successfully presented two full papers, three short papers, and two posters at the 2017 International Conference on Computers in Education (ICCE; held in Christchurch, New Zealand from 4-8 December 2017.  The ALLS papers and posters include work from graduate students who completed or are completing their MSs and PhDs in Computer Science.  It also represents continuing work and collaborations with partners in other countries.

Full papers:

  • Jenilyn Agapito and Ma. Mercedes Rodrigo. Designing an Intervention for Novice Programmers Based on Meaningful Gamification: An Expert Evaluation
  • Cristina Dumdumaya, Michelle Banawan, Ma. Mercedes T. Rodrigo, Noburo Matsuda, Evelyn Yarzebinski and Amy Ogan. Investigating the effects of Cognitive and Metacognitive Scaffolding on Learners using a Learning by Teaching Environment

Short papers:

  • Michelle Banawan, Ma. Mercedes Rodrigo and Juan Miguel Andres. PredictingStudent Carefulness within an Educational Game for Physics using SupportVector Machines.
  • Ma. Mercedes T. Rodrigo. Exploratory Analysis of Discourses between Students Engaged in a Debugging Task.
  • Maureen Villamor and Ma. Mercedes Rodrigo. Impact of Both Prior Knowledge and Acquaintanceship on Collaboration and Performance: A Pair ProgramTracing and Debugging Eye-Tracking Experiment


  • Maureen Villamor and Ma. Mercedes Rodrigo. Exploring Lag Times in a PairTracing and Debugging Eye-Tracking Experiment
  • Mikaela Malit and Ma. Mercedes Rodrigo. Leveraging An Existing LearningManagement System For Alternative Learning

The ICCE is the annual conference of the Asia Pacific Society for Computers in Education, an organization composed of academics and researchers who are committed to the creation and study of technologies to support teaching and learning.  Now on its 25th year, ICCE gathers contributions on a wide variety of education-related themes: artificial intelligence in education, digital toy, and game-enhanced learning, computer-supported collaborative work, and others. Papers undergo peer review by at least three reviewers and a meta-review. This year’s full paper acceptance rate was 23%.

The Ateneo de Manila University will be hosting ICCE in November 2018.

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