ALLS Gets Accepted into the PITJ Special Issue on Eye Tracking

The Philippine Information Technology Journal (PITJ) is a peer-reviewed research journal that features computing applications in the area of Information Technology.  This is co-published by CSP with the Philippine Society of IT Educators (PSITE).

We are pleased to announce that 5 submissions from ALLS have been accepted for the PITJ Special Issue on Eye Tracking. Below is the complete ALLS lineup:

  • Japheth Samaco, Jo Cortez: An Experience Report on Gathering Eye Trace Data during a Novice Programmer Tracing and Debugging Experiment
  • Christine Tablatin: Preliminary Analysis of Common Code Reading Patterns using Scanpath Trend Analysis
  • Maureen Mamilic-Villamor: Who’s Following Who? Investigating Lag Times in a Pair Tracing and Debugging Eye Tracking Experiment
  • Celesamae Tangub Vicente, myself, Hong-Fa Ho, Guan-An Chen: Analysis on Visual Attention of Students Solving Physics Playground Problems
  • John David Castro, Ezekiel Adriel Lagmay, Harold Lim: A Preliminary Comparative Analysis of High Performing and Low Performing Students in Debugging


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