ALLS Lecture Series, 5 April 2018

The ALLS Lecture Series
Thursday, 4 April 2018, 4:30PM
Eugenio Lopez, Jr. Interdisciplinary Hub
3F Arete, Ateneo de Manila University

Designing within networks of relations for new forms of connection, collaboration and custodianship
Margot Brereton

Technologies are only as useful as the networks of people that make their use possible. In this talk Professor Brereton explored the idea of designing within networks of relations. She discussed a variety of projects and methods that investigated the relations between people, places and objects and also engaged people in co-design in order to create new technologies. She drew upon examples in the domains of ageing, intellectual disability, and environmental monitoring, describing how paying attention to networks of relations can help us to design technologies that foster new forms of connection and collaboration between people, and new kinds of custodianship of the environment.

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