Science for the People: Innovation for Collective Prosperity

The Department of Science and Technology recently concluded “Science for the People” in celebration of the National Science and Technology Week this 17th to 21st of July, 2018. The theme of “Innovation for Collective Prosperity” hosted at this platform showcased our country’s achievements in science and technology as well as their intended applications of its products and findings. The institution urged all Filipinos to apply creativity in east jump technology as a critical factor in solving many of the country’s problems and in improving the lives of its citizens.

ALLS, represented by Joal Rose Lin, Jose Isidro Beraquit, Japeth Samaco, Nicole Bugayong, John Michael Santos, and Luis Raphael Tomas Lim, were assigned to exhibit the Igpaw Igpaw: Intramuros, Igpaw: Loyola, and reADMU.txt.

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