ALLS @ ICCE 2019


ALLS participated in the 27th International Conference on Computers in Education (ICCE 2019) last December 2-6, 2019, held at the Howard Beach Resort, Kenting, Taiwan. The Asia-Pacific Society for Computers in Education (APSCE) organizes this annual conference to provide a venue for teachers, students, and researchers to interact and share their research work in computers in education. This year’s conference theme was “Intelligent Computing and Convergent Education”, which highlights the emergence of technological capabilities to support smart education and learning.

Pre-conference events (Early Career Workshop (ECW), Doctoral Student Consortium (DSC), workshops, and tutorials) were conducted on the first two (2) days. The main conference comprised of keynote presentations, parallel paper presentation sessions, and poster presentations began on the third day.



ALLS participated in both the pre-conference and main conference events. The paper presentations are:


  1. The Development of a Teacher’s Guide for English Proficiency Games by Monica Moreno, Dominique Marie Antoinette Manahan, Marika Gianina Fernandez, Jose Isidro Beraquit, Nicole Bugayong & Ma. Mercedes T. Rodrigo (workshop)

  2. Development and Testing of a Mobile Game for English Proficiency Among Filipino Learners by Monica Moreno, Dominique Marie Antoinette Manahan, Marika Gianina Fernandez, Michelle Banawan, Jose Isidro Beraquit, Marie Rianne M. Caparros, Philip Caceres, Walfrido David Diy, Lean Rimes Sarcilla, Francesco Amante & Ma. Mercedes T. Rodrigo (workshop)

  3. An Investigation of Affect within Ibigkas!: An Educational Game for English by Michelle P. Banawan, Raul Vincent W. Lumapas, Jaclyn L. Ocumpaugh, & Ma. Mercedes T. Rodrigo (workshop)

  4. Exploring Common Code Reading Strategies in Debugging by Christine Lourrine Tablatin (ECW)

  5. An Investigation of the Impact of Gamification on Novice Programmers’ Achievement and Learning Experience by Jenilyn L. Agapito (EWC)

  6. Can “Stag-and-Hare Hunt” Behavior be Modeled using Interaction Data from a Mobile-Supported Collaborative Learning Application? by Rex Bringula & Ma. Mercedes Rodrigo (DSC)


Main Conference

  1. Leveraging LSTM in the fine-grained analysis of the Incubation Effect in Physics Playground by May Marie P. Talandron-Felipe & Ma. Mercedes T. Rodrigo (Full Paper)

  2. Drug Defense: A Mobile Game for Prevention of Alcohol Abuse by Divine-kia T. Tan, Rodrigo Emmanuel Roy, Jose Rafael Lasala, Anton Gabriel Yap, Ma. Mercedes T. Rodrigo, Walfrido David Diy & Ma. Regina M. Hechanova (Short Paper)

  3. Analysis of Student Affect and Behavior while Playing a Mobile Game for English Comprehension by Ma. Mercedes T. Rodrigo, Jenilyn L. Agapito & Dominique Marie Antoinette B. Manahan (Short Paper)

  4. Designing Pre-test Questions as Phone Notifications: Studying the Effects of a Mobile Learning Intervention by Ingrid Yvonne Herras, Don Romielito N. Abanes, Nico B. Del Rosario & Jonathan DL. Casano (Short Paper)

  5. Investigating Functional Fixedness among Novice Student Programmers by May Marie P. Talandron-felipe & Kent Levi A. Bonifacio (Poster)

  6. The Role of Technology Identity among Students in Rural Areas using a Web-based Tutoring System by May Marie P. Talandron-felipe (Poster)


Two amazing recognitions during the final ceremony were received: Dr. Michelle P. Banawan was awarded Best Paper Reviewer and Dr. May Marie P. Talandron-Felipe won Best Overall Paper for her study “Leveraging LSTM in the fine-grained analysis of the Incubation Effect in Physics Playground”. Additionally, Rex Bringula was among the eight (8) Merit Scholarship Awardees.


ALLS would like to thank the Asia-Pacific Society for Computers in Education (APSCE) for this opportunity and we look forward to participating again next year!



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