Bayesian Knowledge Tracing with Python for Researchers and Practitioners

On October 5, 4pm US PT, please join the Learning Analytics Learning Network and Zachary Pardos, Frederic Wang, and Anirudhan Badrinath from the University of California, Berkeley for the workshop Bayesian Knowledge Tracing (BKT) with Python for Researchers and Practitioners.

Attendees will learn about the first BKT library for Python (gaining familiarity with the fundamentals of BKT and model variants), to train a BKT model on common student response datasets, and to customize pyBKT models to test hypotheses about learning. The session will include a tutorial and hands-on break-out group activities.

More information is available at and registration is available at

We also have two upcoming events, Learning Analytics Workshop at DELFI 2021 (September 13) and the rescheduled event Digging Deeper in the Ethical Use of Learning Analytics (September 22). More information at

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