About the Game

Suasion is a 2D real-time role-playing adventure game where the player is a townsperson tasked with persuading their fellow townspeople to vote like them in an upcoming local election. Before the player speaks with the townspeople, they must first get to know them better and make proper introductions. Then the player must make use of clues and hints found in the homes of each townsperson and use them in their arguments.

The player may also do tasks for townspeople that may positively or adversely affect the persuasion process. To win the game, the player must persuade at least half of the townspeople within the time limit. Beyond persuasion, the game should give the player an understanding of the merits of empathy as well as the factors behind genuine political engagement of those with differing views.

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Suasion by Rivainni (


Rom Cristian Q. Enriquez
Anton Ralph F. Valenzuela

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