Left for Debt

About the Game

Left for Debt is a game that raises awareness regarding the different illegal debt collection practices in the Philippines by showing scenarios where these practices are performed. The game is a 2D platformer that has financial management aspects where the player will have to pay out the debt they inherited from their deceased parents. The game challenges the player to completely pay this off by properly managing their finances while also encountering illegal debt collection practices through in-game events. The game will progress on a day-to-day basis, where the player must gather resources to craft different items, and sell these crafted items to make money.


The controls of the game are the mouse and keyboard. Platformer stages of the game will use keyboard controls. The game uses “WASD” or arrow keys for movement. The “spacebar” allows the player to jump and wall jump. “E” allows the player to interact with the stage elements and gather materials. Lastly, pressing “ESC” will allow the player to access the pause menu. It will contain a “reset position” and a “return home” button. For the rest of the game, like the crafting and shop features, the players navigate through them using their mouse pointer. During the cutscenes hitting the “spacebar” or “LMB” will progress the dialogue.

Download Link:

The game is available online and can be played through this link: https://patvianne.itch.io/left-for-debt.


James Cuartero
Justin Junsay
Patricia Lee

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