ALLS gives a Minecraft Education – WHIMC workshop at the Ayala Foundation x ProFuturo Project conference

On December 4, 2023, the Ateneo Laboratory for the Learning Sciences (ALLS) was a guest speaker and workshop facilitator for Ayala Foundation × ProFuturo Project conference entitled “Learning Beyond Borders: The Power of E-ducation” to share our work of using the What-if Hypothetical Implementations in Minecraft (WHIMC) in classrooms!

ALLS’ partner teacher Ms. Louise Tulayba facilitates the WHIMC Education workshop

Public school teachers from the MIMAROPA region were able to attend the talk and workshop, where they were introduced to Minecraft and its possible integration to STEM learning using WHIMC.

A teacher participant tries exploring a WHIMC world using a tablet

Teacher participants try out WHIMC Education with the help of ALLS student assistants (on the right)

As part of the workshop, the teacher participants were given the opportunity to explore the WHIMC worlds through Minecraft Education where they explored a Rocket Launch Facility, Earth with a Colder Sun and Earth with Two Moons simulations. Then, they were given the space to share their ideas on how they can use WHIMC in their own contexts, factors that would hinder the implementation of a Minecraft-based lesson and solutions proposed to overcome said hindrances.

We thank Ms. Louise Tulayba for representing ALLS, our student assistants and the Ayala Foundation for this opportunity to share about our project!

Photo credits: Ayala Foundation

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