Affect-Sensitive Simulation for Job Interviews

Abstract: Having finished their studies, fresh college graduates have to eventually apply for a job. More often than not, before being accepted and employed into a company, the fresh grad would have to be interviewed by the company’s HR. Without any prior experience in working for a company, the interview might be intimidating to some fresh grads. The goal of this research is to design and develop an affect-sensitive job interview simulation to help these newly-graduated students looking for a job get used to the situation and the pressure of being interviewed for a company they seek to be employed in. Through the use of a 1-on-1 interview simulation, the user may be able to personally interact with an interviewer AI. By the end of the simulation, appropriate feedback is to be given to help improve the user’s disposition. Generally, the project seeks to condition the user to not panic or become anxious as he is being interviewed.
Robert John B. Locsin
Vincent Mathieus C. Syling
Ryan Ralph B. Sibbaluca

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