Extension of an Intelligent Tutoring System for Novice Programmers

Thesis Abstract:
Novice programmers tend to commit errors as they learn to program.  Among the time-consuming errors are non-literal errors – errors that are incorrectly addressed by compiler error messages.  In this light, the intelligent tutoring system for novice programmers has been developed to aid novice programmers in detecting non-literal errors and correcting these accordingly.  With the target audience as novice programmers in mind, we plan to improve the interfacing of the intelligent tutoring system with the users by simplifying the graphical user interface and providing a deeper analysis of the log collected by the server.  We also plan to integrate the system to the IDE BlueJ as a plug-in.  We believe that this will make debugging non-literal errors for novice programmers an easier experience.
Carlo Martinez
Joyce Rada
Javelin Magtalas

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