Situating transfer through the Design of Adaptable Curricula, Methodologies and Technologies

Transfer requires comprehension, application and synthesis of learning to other contexts. Hence, the design of learning practices and technologies to scaffold and afford transfer is crucial to the inculcation of meaningful learning  practices.  We regard classrooms as emergent systems where communities link research and practice within situated learning cultures. This special issue follows from the 1st International Workshop on ICT Trends in Emerging Economies. We welcome papers linking research and practice in two categories, with special focus  on adapting curricula and methodologies to meet the needs of emerging economies. The first category of papers involves research informing practice, i.e. theoretically-grounded conceptual papers and empirical papers. The second category involves how  practice informs research. Papers revolving around  the design and development of adaptable curricula and low-threshold technologies which can be easily adopted and adapted by these emerging economies are strongly encouraged.

Please see the attached [CFP] for more details.

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